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Counseling for Children

A large part of my work is with children and families. I work with children and teens dealing with life transitions, struggling with depression, anxiety, peer interactions, bullying, parental divorce, ADHD and self-esteem issues.​ I see youth between the ages of 5 and 18.

Play Therapy

Play is the work of childhood. I use Play Therapy to help children resolve issues through their most natural form of learning and communication- Play. I also use expressive therapies, such as art and music, when working with youth. 

Therapy for Trauma

The majority of my professional experience has been with children and teens who have experienced trauma. I am EMDR trained through the EMDR Institute. In addition to using EMDR, I use play therapy and expressive therapy to help children heal from trauma. 

"Play is the work of childhood."

- Maria Montessori
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